Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What can I expect when I enter Harrold Zion Lutheran Church?
A. You will be greeted by a welcoming and friendly congregation that gives thanks to God for the dedication of our long term members, for the enthusiasm of our new members, and for the visitor in our midst. Harrold Zion is a congregation that is traditional in worship, and is a blending of people of various ages. Children are an important part of our worship, and at each service we are blessed by the many children that rush forward to participate in the Children's Sermon.

Q. How can I be married at Harrold Zion Lutheran Church?
A. Those who would like to marry at Harrold Zion are welcome to contact the church (724-837-7327) at least three months in advance of the wedding date. The couple will meet three times with the pastor to plan the marriage service. Easter weekend is a closed period for weddings due to the solemnity of those days (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday).

Q. How do I schedule my child for Baptism?
A.  Baptisms are scheduled at the convenience of the family and at a time that best fits into the church schedule. Those who desire to have their children baptized are asked to contact the Parish Office (724-837-7327) and schedule the date with the secretary. You will then be contacted by the pastor. 

Q. Who can take Communion at Harrold Zion? What is the church's teaching about communion?
A.  Any baptized Christian is welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. All who take communion receive the forgiveness of sins through the body and blood of Christ in the bread and the wine. For those who cannot take wine, grape juice is available. Gluten-free wafers are also offered for those who need. Non-communing children are welcome to come forward to receive a blessing. To see when children are eligible to receive communion please refer to the FAQ concerning First Communion.

 Q.When does a child receive their First Communion?
A. Throughout the year classes are scheduled for First Communion instruction. There is no set age for one to receive their First Communion, but is a result of the parent's understanding of the readiness of the child, and follows a conversation with the pastor. At least one parent attends the class with their child.

Q. How do I become a member of Harrold Zion?
A. New Member Classes are held on a Saturday morning, and are scheduled at various times throughout the year. When an individual decides to join the church, they will notify the pastor and indicate their desire to join.   

Q.  Is Harrold Zion handicap accessible?
A. There are no steps at the entrance to the church. There is also a handicap accessible rest room outside the church interior entrance and an elevator between the first and second floors.

Q.  How do I get involved at Harrold Zion?
A.  Whether new or long-term member, regardless of age, those who wish to be involved are welcome to participate. 

  • From hands that hammer and paint to hands that give communion to the sick and homebound
  • From those who like to serve as a Sunday School teacher in a busy classroom to the one who sits in the quiet of a room to offer compassion and care as they serve as a Stephen Minister
  • From the one who welcomes worshippers to those serving as Communion Assistants and welcoming worshipers to the table of the Lord
  • From those who want to serve on a committee to those who serve to prepare the Altar for worship
  • From those who have a talent to share to those who are eager to learn something new

These and many other ways welcome you to the life of service at Harrold Zion.

If you have questions about ways you can serve, please call the Church Office at 724-837-7327.


If you have any questions concerning Harrold Zion that have not been answered above, please contact the Parish Office at 724-837-7327.