Rev. John M. Smaligo

724-837-7327 Ext. 1

Pastor John began serving in this call in 2008.     In addition to worship leadership and planning, visitations, teachings, weddings, and funerals, he also serves as pastoral representative on several of the parish committees. People contact him, seeking answers to many of the questions you will find on FAQS of this website, as well as asking about programs, small groups, ministries and worship. Pastor John serves with those who serve in ministries and activities that promote care and support, visitations, respect, and prayer. He finds it a joy to work together with this parish and to help guide the members to enter into areas of ministry and programs at Harrold Zion, and to encourage us to go out into the world to love and serve the Lord. 

Rev. Robert Free

Pastor Free served as pastor of this congregation for more than 25 years. As a result of his faithful service, and out of respect and love, he was named Pastor Emeritus of Harrold Zion in 2011. Though this title does not come with specific responsibilities, Pastor Free continues to serve the church in whatever way is needed. 

Tammy Hilland

724-837-7327 Ext. 3

Tammy is the first person you see as you enter Harrold Zion during weekdays. Her position has many faces, including bulletins and newsletters, responsible for the church calendar, ordering materials and supplies, receive phone calls, and answers questions about almost anything in the church. Tammy also offers support and assistance to any one from the parish that may need her help as secretary, and offers a warm welcome to Harrold Zion.  

Joanne Gebhardt


Joanne serves as primary keyboardist for all Sunday morning liturgies, weddings, funerals, and other special services throughout the year. Her responsibilities also include accompanying the Senior Choir. She is also vital in planning the liturgies, along with the Senior Choir Director and Senior Pastor. Throughout the year Joanne will seek additional musicians to highlight our festival services. Due to her responsibilities, Joanne plays a vital role on the parish's Worship Committee. 

Cameron Pampus

As Director Music Ministries, Cameron conducts all choirs, oversees the music ministries of the church,  and selects music that reflects the season and day.  His responsibilities include scheduling the choirs participation in worship, assists in liturgical planning, secures musicians as need, and various others tasks to enrich the music ministry of Harrold Zion in its praise of God.

Mary Smaligo


Mary is responsible to serve as organist for Harrold Zion's Saturday evening organist. On occasion she will secure instrumentalists for the Saturday service on festival weekends. Mary has also played for our morning services on Holy Thursday and for our special Christmas service held prior to Christmas Eve. 

Donna Dorsey


You will see Donna busily working in our building, keeping and maintaining it for the Glory of God. In addition to preparing the building for weekend worship, she also is present following all weddings and funerals. With the secretary she keeps the calendar of activities and makes certain all places are prepared for their activities and ministries. She works closely with all other staff, making certain their requests are met.